73 Main Ave Ocean Grove, NJ


Crepes + Smoothies + salads + Crepe "sandwiches"

What is a Crepe?

A crepe by any other name...


A French crêpe (pronounced "krep" or colloquially, "Krape" with a long "a") is a type of very thin pancake and is usually one of two types: sweet crêpes and savory (galettes). Crêpes can be served with a variety of fillings. Sweet crêpes can be made from the simplest ingredients with only sugar or honey, fruit and creme, or chocolate, while savory crêpes can be made from meats, cheeses and even salad fillings. 

Crêpes are often understood to be a traditional French specialty. Since the late 70's however, crêpes have evolved and become a very common tasty delight worldwide, most notably in Japan as a popular street food.

Today, inspired by the tasty simplicity of these Japanese shops, The Porch is introducing this modern twist to Ocean Grove! Sweet and savory crêpes all rolled up in an easy-to-carry paper cone.

That's right, a cone!

Our crêpes are poured onto a hot crepe grill, cooked to crispy, golden-brown perfection. They are meticulously filled with a variety of options, arranged to ensure that each mouthful of deliciousness contains all the textures and flavors from first bite to last. It is then folded, rolled and neatly placed into a paper cone. The perfect meal-on-the-go.